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MetFloor 55 Steel Decking

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MetFloor 55 Steel Decking In Detail

MetFloor® 55 is a traditional dovetail re-entrant composite floor deck.

Metfloor 55 steel decking diagram
Its profile provides an excellent mechanical key into the concrete slab, offering a strong shear bond performance augmented by stiffeners located in the profile trough. MetFloor 55 presents a virtually flat soffit and only a relatively thin slab is required to meet fire design requirements.
MetFloor 55 Composite Slab - volume & weight
Slab Depth (mm)Concrete volume (m3/m2)Weight of concrete (kN/m2)
Normal weight Concrete
105 0.096 2.26 2.21
110 0.101 2.38 2.33
115 0.106 2.50 2.44
120 0.111 2.61 2.56
125 0.116 2.73 2.67
130 0.121 2.85 2.79
150 0.141 3.32 3.25
200 0.191 4.50 4.40

Volume & weight table notes

  1. Beam and deck deflections are not included in the table.
  2. Deck and mesh weights are not included in the table.
  3. Concrete densities are:
    NWC (wet)2400kg/m3.
    NWC (dry) 2350kg/m3
MetFloor 80 span table - normal weight concrete using mesh

a: Interaction of bending moment and web crushing   |   m: Fire design


MetFloor 55 steel decking summary

  • Shear studs
    MetFloor® 55 has a wide trough which provides great flexibility and efficiency when placing shear studs.
  • Composite beams’ fire performance
    Even for two hours fire rating, the top flange of the steel beam does not require fire protection when used with MetFloor® composite deck.
  • Under floor services
    Services are easy to attach to MetFloor® 55, with the ribs presenting a dovetailed recessed groove in the concrete slab at 150mm.  This provides the perfect connection for service hangars via a wedge nut or similar fixing device.
  • Slab’s fire performance
    Heat transfer through the small dovetail into the slab is minimal resulting in a lesser slab depth for fire design.

Available in gauges: 0.9, 1.2
Prices from: £24.20 per square metre.

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